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This foto shows it: I like books – especially about personality. The ones you see in this foto are not the ones I usually read =) This foto was taken at the world exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. It was great to be there, cause it reminded me of my time 10 years ago at the EXPO in Germany where I worked in my summer break for around 4 weeks. It was a GREAT experience!

And I remember: I was introduced to the world of INTERNET and EMAIL. Wow – what a different world! And now 10 years later it’s so normal to have internet. Unbelievable!

Since about one year I only buy E-Books, cause I can take them everywhere and I don’t have to decide which book to take: cause all books are constantly in my travel luggage: around 17! I got so fed up of carrying all my heavy books around the world that I started to buy E-books. And I love it!
But the problem is, that I try to read around 5-6 books at once. So it takes a while to finish them =)

And when friends recommend books to me I am interested in, I can’t resist bying them.

So lately I bought the E-book: The “Do what you can” plan by Holly Gerth. I want to summarize a bit what I read so far (of course I haven’t finished it yet, cause I am reading many books at once =).

Already in the introduction its says, why this book is for me:
“If you’ve ever made a goal or resolution and not kep it, this is for you.
If you’ve ever said “When things get back to normal, then I’ll… this is for you.
If you’ve ever felt too tired to do what you know you really need to do, this is for you.

Our culture tells us that we have to “Go big or go home.” But research on change reveals a very different story: it’s the small things that make the greatest difference over time.”

I am a perfectionist – as I told you in another post already. And I have a bit the mentality: Go big or go home. So sometimes I think – if I can’t do it all at once, I don’t do it. And then I loose my motivation cause I have unrealistic goals.
As I am writing this post I am thinking of a special person who will smile when reading this =) and maybe thinks: I told her many times……….
Some people are very constant and they achieve a lot! They do small steps but these small steps constantly. I really admire persons like this. Cause I am not the type of person. My personality is either big or nothing. But that’s not good.
I started to be a bit different and to try to be a bit more consistent – sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I am working on that.

Same with my post. My goal was to write 2 posts a week, but that was a way to high goal for me: unrealistic. And a while I didn’t write any post on this blog and got frustrated cause I didn’t reach my goal – so instead of writing once a week I stopped for a while.

So a realistic goal for me is probably 2 posts a month.

As I was reading in this book I just mentioned, it describes my person further:

“I want to achieve great things. I want to do it all or none at all (…)
It’s time to shrink the change you have in mind down to a more manageable size (…).
Decide on the minimum you’d like to accomplish in a particular area of your life (…). Then divide that by about half (…)
A small goal that actually happens and can grow is better than the grandest one that remains a fantasy (…)
Don’t let unrealistic expectations or idealistic ambitions hold you back any longer.”

Oh boy: that is so ME!

I would love to hear your experiences……… Maybe you are very different, maybe you have a good advice, maybe you have the same struggles!? I would love to hear from you.

You can post a comment on this blog or write me an Email:
Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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9 thoughts on “Do what you can

  1. Hi Tabea, thanks for your post.Yes I am the same do it big and properly or not at all. And I often over correct. Going from one extreme to another, such as no exercise at all to too much and I get hurt or sore and give up.Look forward to seeing you love from us both Nando and Amira.

  2. That’s the Law of Attraction, my dear!
    Welcome to my world, too… books are my life as well, but I prefer to have them between my hands, smell the ink and feel the paper! And being a “writer” [is there in English another word to say that?] actually I don’t see my novels put into e-books or kindle, not for now, at least! Maybe one day I’ll have to change my mind, too. Don’t worry about writing a post every two weeks… I do the same, or better said, I do it when I have time or the need to share something which I like!
    We all have dreams! Dreams are wonderful and help people to go round&strait into the future… if you put in it some colour… ahhh that’s just great!
    I’ll follow your blog, keep up the good mood and see you around! :-)Claudine

    1. Hi Claudine,

      welcome to my blog! Thanks for following it! I understand what you said that you prefer the books between your hands and feel the paper. I agree! If I wouldnt travel that much I would prefer it too to be honest =) but right now for my situation its the best!
      Because I also love it to have a book in my hands.
      When I stop travelling that much I probably switch again to the “real” book.
      See you around, TABEA =)

    1. So do I =) but since I travel so much I needed the E-books, cause I can take them everywhere and ALL my books. The printed version is a bit heavy for travelling =)
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. E books are definitely the way to go for those who travel – but they are not quite the same as feeling the paper of a book between your fingertips and turning the page! Great post Tabea x

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