Here comes the solving of the quiz from my last post =)

Do you know the answer now,  looking at this picture below?

I live very very close to it =)

I think it was last year when I went with my bike to find this spot: I wanted to take some pictures. The tricky thing: it started raining like crazy. So I waited under a tree until the rain and the thunderstorm was over – and this is when I took this interesting photo.

When I look at the church and the football stadium, some questions come to mind:

What makes a difference in the world?

Is it:

a) football


b) the church (meaning all christians/ believers)?


What is your purpose in life? Why are you living here on earth?

So many different thoughts going around my head now, but I want to leave you and me for now with this question:

Who is your GOD? 

How do you spend your time?



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ACC Coach (International Coach Federation (ICF), trained teacher, former youth worker.

11 thoughts on “Solving…

  1. It’s interesting you ask this question… I have been working on a personal mission statement … it’s good to think about these things … Gottes Segen 🙂

    1. Thanks Heidi! Wishing you all the best with finishing your mission statement! I did this many years ago and I think it’s great to do it! Gods blessing to you! Always nice to read your comments! Thank you very much!

  2. Catholic by heredity, but I see God and his creation in every detail of nature, in the universe and in love, every heartbeat.
    Work, I have children, I want them to be good people, simple as a sunrise or sunset makes me happy, enjoy the time that I lived and live every moment, I can see and appreciate entoces why I like animals and photograph look artistic and so is sharing it with my friends.

  3. Hello colorful being.

    You have an eye and an understanding of what make our inner and outer life colorful. Great questions:

    My purpose in life is to guide women to uncover the dreams that are consistent with their values and the spirit that lies within their hearts. I am here on Earth to learn at every moment from wonderful people like you. And to see the beauty of the world like your photo of the church and the football stadium. I cherish that photo and it’s meaning. Such beauty in both.

    With love, Amanda

    1. Hello Amanda!

      Thanks a lot for your beautiful words and compliments! I really appreciate it!
      Encourages me to keep on writing the blog!
      All the best for you!
      Tabea 🙂

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