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Why don’t people pursue their dreams?

What is YOUR fear? Why don’t you pursue your dream?

??? Question for you today:

If you had a million dollars – what would you do? Which dream would you fulfill???

I think money is a big factor why some people don’t pursue their dream. People want security.

My experience:

If my first goal in life would have been security, I wouldn’t have done all the things I did. If my goal was security I would have stayed in my secure job as a teacher.
I wouldn’t have left my secure income, I wouldn’t have left my friends, I wouldn’t have left the place I lived, I wouldn’t have sold my car …….

Instead: I would still teach at a school, I would have my own flat or house, I would have my secure income, I would have my friends around, I would have a nice car: all in all: a secure life.

Instead I chose a different life: little income, living with three other people, small rented room, friends all over the place, 17 year old car (my sister gave me back my car as a present – which I had sold to her a few years ago – I am very thankful for this actually), and and and………..

It’s not the most secure life to be honest, BUT I reached a lot of my dreams and I am very grateful for this.
If I didn’t have the courage to take steps into the unknown I would have never experienced all the beautiful things I experienced and I would have never met such beautiful people and I probably would have never grown that much.

It takes a lot of energy, a lot of effort to reach your dream, but it’t worth it!
Just start with the first step and everything else will follow!

Colour your dream!




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How to discover your dream

Did you think already of some childhood memories, of some childhood dreams?

Did your dream or some of your dreams come true already? If yes, why? If no, why not?

What could block your dreams?

For example fear, living someone elses dream, chasing money or prestige, laziness, habitualness, excuses (no time, too old, no money, etc.). I am sure you come up with many more dream “blockers”. What did block YOUR dreams so far?

????Ask yourself this question????

If money and time wouldn’t be an issue: what would your life look like, what would your dream job look like?

What action steps could you take right now?

Think about the following:

 What are your dreams?
Decide, that you want to uncover your dreams, that you want to live a life full of purpose and doing something you love.
Start noticing the things that excite you.

 What lights you up?
What interests you? What do you read? What are the things that you are naturally drawn to? About what topics can you talk for hours and hours? What activities make you feel energized?

 What makes your life too busy?
Many people don’t know much about their passions because they are too busy. If your life is too busy with work, family, chores, obligations or endless to do lists you will have difficulties finding the time to explore your passions.

Some people struggle to work it out for themselves. They find it helpful to work on these questions with a life coach. If you need help in this I would be happy to be your coach! Just ask!

No matter how you do it – by youself or with a life coach: Do it!

My experience:

During the last years I always talked about this topic with my sister! We are both interested in finding out our passion, personality, our dreams. She is a great help for me and we both ask each other questions about our life. It helps me a lot not to work it out by myself but having a person who asks me the right questions.

The last year I also had a life caoch who helped me to think about different aspects of reaching my dreams.

I would be happy to hear from you. What action steps did you take already to reach your dreams?

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My life


In my last post I wrote a bit about the dreams I had when I was a child.

In actual fact: when I think of it – many of my dreams came true. But why did they come true?
It didn’t happen “automatically”.

I really had to work hard for it and I also had a lot of support of family and friends.

It takes a lot of effort to reach your dream. Some people think: this kind of life just “comes to you”. NO! It takes a lot of your time, effort, strength, ability to adapt, starting from scatch.

One thing I really liked to do from a young age: taking pictures.

It’s funny to look back: I had a very old fashioned camera (one where you had to put on an extra flash) – that looked so funny. Many years ago I bought a digital camera and then a few years ago I got a very nice Canon Camera as a present.

My dad really liked taking pictures and he has thousands and thousands of beautiful slides from our family, his trips, my childhood. It’s great.

I want to share a few ones with you right now from my childhood. Me growing up until now. The quality is not that good because I photographed the slides from my dad. But at least you will get an

impression. Enjoy!

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What’s your passion? What do you love doing? What are you good at?

Think back for a minute when you were a child. What dreams did you have? What desires did you have, what wishes? Did you want to be a teacher, a doctor, an artist, a nurse, a craftsman, a fireman, a ………..?
Maybe you can’t remember? Then ask someone who grew up with you and knows you well. What did you like doing or what were you good at?

Can you imagine what my dream was when I was a child?

At a young age I was very impressed with the lady at the shop selling different kinds of meat and sausages. When my mum went shopping she sometimes bought “Gelbwurst” (a special German cold meat “cut up” which you put on your bread).
I loved standing besides my mum looking at the lady how she cut the meat and how she weighed it and put it into the bag. And most of the time she gave me a little piece of “Gelbwurst” to eat. That was the highlight of the shopping experience and I wanted to become a “Wurstverkäufer” – a lady who sells meat.

When I went to primary school I wanted to become a teacher and when I was a teenager I wanted to become a flight attendant. I also had the dream of doing fulltime youth work.

I surely had many dreams. What do you think…. Which one came true?
I must tell you that the dream of the “Wurstverkäufer” – selling meats, didn’t come true, but the dream of becoming a teacher, a fulltime youth workder and also a flight attendant.

What was your dream as a child? Did some of the dreams came true yet? Why did they come true? Or why didn’t they come true?
Do you think it’s too late that your dream can become reality?
I think it’s never too late!

Tell me about your dreams…….. I would love to hear your “story”!

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What do passionate, purpose filled people have in common?

Passionate, purpose-filled people have two things in common:

  • They have taken the time to seek their passion by learning more about themselves.
  • They take action on what they’ve learned by creating small, manageable steps.

? Question for you:

1. Do you know yourself, your talents, your personality?

2. Do you take manageable action steps to reach your dream?

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Hello world!



Do you have a dream? Do you think your dream can become reality?

With my blog: colour your dream I want to help you to colour the dream you have!

How can you reach your goals? How do you find your purpose? How do you make your dream come true? How do you discover your strengths?

I would like to help you identify, set and achieve your personal goals.

I want to bring out the best in you – your dreams, strengths, goals – your life purpose.

Tabea – colour your dream

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