How can I find my core values?

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When people talked in the past years about values, I could never really grasp what values really are or how to find out my core values. Over the last years I „studied“ the topic values and understood that values are the foundation of our behavior. Have you ever asked yourself when you see people in different situations: „Why do they act so differently in this situations than I would? Or why are so many people frustrated in their job and would love to find a job they love? I think only when you know yourself and your values you are able to find work that is truly fulfilling.

First of all it is important to find out what your values are.

Values determine many things in your life: choices, attitudes, actions, decision making, work, passions, etc. They define what’s important to you.

Are you happy with your work? If yes, is it because your values align with your work? If no, could it be that your values no longer align with your work?

Values are deeply ingrained in us and often we are not consciously aware of what our values are or how they shape our actions.

It is very important to understand your core values – they are the heart of who you are.

Over the years I made a list of my core values.

But how do I find out my core values?

Think of something that makes you feel angry. When was it when a certain person in your life crossed an important line for you and that wasn’t in line with something you value?

Example: One of my five core values is honesty. When I see dishonesty in families, companies and organisations I get this „uncomfortable feeling“ inside of me and now it is up to me to decide what to do: do I bring it up or do I keep my mouth shut? And because I value honesty I usually open my mouth and bring things up – which is not always easy!

Imagine your value is honesty – can you imagine working or living in an environment where there is constant dishonesty? It will definitely will have an effect on you: mentally, spiritually & physically. So it is up to you to decide what action you take.

For me it is very important to know my core values and also to help my clients to discover their values. This is a powerful way how they can get in touch of who they are.

Here are some questions to discover your deepest values:

  • Where do you invest the best of your time, money and energy? Why?
  • When making important decisions – what are the things you base them on?
  • Imagine some valuable things in your life and ask yourself: „If these things were taken away from me or I couldn’t do them, would that make my life unbearable?
  • What makes you angry when you don’t get it (e.g. if you don’t „get“ honesty)?
  • What are things that you care most deeply about?

For your value discovery it might be helpful to have a list of values to choose from. Ask yourself: Which of these words resonate most with you? Which words represent what you care about most? Try to pick less than 10 and then find out your 5 core values – what is most important for you!


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