How did my dreams come true (Part 2)

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In my last post I told you that I had many dreams and still have.

After my 13 years of school I spent one year at a bible school working practically (laundry and music team) – see my last post (Part 1). This year I didn’t earn anything, it was voluntary work. It was one of my best years ever!

During this time I looked into the program of becoming a teacher. When I read all these information, what it involves to become a teacher I got discouraged and thought: how in the world am I able to do all this? But then I thought about it and prayed about it and I decided: I am going to try! I guess every change and every start somewhere is not easy! Because you have to leave friends, you have to start in a new city, get familiar….

So I started to study to become a qualified primary and secondary school teacher (until grade 10).

I put a lot of effort in my studies and I used to be out of the house the whole day, often from 6 am (to catch a train) to 8pm or 10pm.  I studied 4 years: applied Science at Primary Level, Religious Education, Educational Science and Educational Psychology. After this I had to write a thesis and did written and oral examinations in the mentioned subjects.

I really enjoyed Psychology and was very interested in it. After my studies I thought: I wish I could study councelling/coaching. But I had to be patient until this dream finally came true last year (17 years after I started “dreaming” about it!  In this I really needed to learn how to be patient, but then finally last year it was the “right timing” (when I got my certificate in coaching).

In order to become a fully qualified primary and secondary school teacher I had to undergo an extensive training period of 18 month, compromising theoretical and practical educational as well as methodical training.  This 1,5 years was the toughest years I ever had. I really came to my limit!

I was busy from early morning till very late at night and also usually the weekends. In Germany they say, when you have this training of 18 month: forget your friends – you don’t have time for ANYTHING, accept your training. And it’s true. It was a very tough time, but also a good time. I was teaching in 1,2,3 and 4th grade, as well as 5.,6.,7.,8. grade. I remember when I first came in the school, the older students thought that I was a new student =) That was quite funny! One day I had to go through the classroom of the 8th grade and one guy shouted something at me. Then his colleague said to him: Hey, she is a teacher. He got so embarrassed!

I have many nice and funny memories of this time! But also there were times when I thought: I can’t anymore, I have NO strength anymore. So there were also a lot of tears involved, a lot of stress.

But when I think back on it: it was so worthwile to follow this dream to become a teacher!

I guess you also experienced it: when you follow your dream you have to give up many other things, you really need to focus on your goal and say “goodbye” to many other things you would like to do as well. It is a lot of work, it costs a lot of energy, strength, nerves, time….. BUT: in the end it is so rewarding! When you reached your goal you are so happy and nobody can take this away from you!

I am very, very thankful that my family helped me a lot in my studies. Especially my oldest sister: she spent many, many hours helping me and supporting me. I will never forget when I had my exam lesson in the 7th grade. Topic: Monastery.

The whole family was involved in helping me get all the things ready, because I had only a certain amount of time to prepare before this exam in the classroom. I worked basically day and night and my dad handcrafted two beautiful monasteries for the students, because I did a lesson where the students hands, head and heart where involved.

In my other exam lesson my dad went into the forest and collected things from the forest, because the topic was a biological one (for the younger kids).

Right the night before my exam in the classroom my computer crashed and my work from a few hours was gone. So I just made it until the morning and my dad photocopied at  2 or 3 am  am my written lesson preparations (I had to explain every little step – why I do this instead of doing something else,  I slept for 2-3 hours and went to school for the exam: one lesson in maths grade 1 and one lesson in science in grade 3.

After these exam lessons I was so relieved – with GOD’s help I finished it! I was so thankful, because these exams really showed me: I could have never done it out of my own strength. God really helped me through, because there were so many obstacles along the way (would take too long to explain it here).

Dreams can come true: with God’s help, with your effort and with the help of others!

??? How did one of your dreams came true??? It would be nice if you share some experiences!


11 Replies to “How did my dreams come true (Part 2)”

  1. Lovely that you shared this my own journey to becoming a teacher and life coach (how funny we do/ are the same!) was not without obstacles… but once you have succeeded God has a funny way of wiping clean the memories of the struggles!

  2. Hi beautiful friend, thanks for sharing your experiences, so lovely to read about it, you have a very caring family and very supportive ! I hope one day I would meet them? you never know. My dreams came true when I married my husband and had children. All through my teenage years I prayed that God would give me a wonderful man to share my life with and bless me with children that I could love, just the way God loves us as his children I had so much love I wanted to give to my children. And I also wanted to share my life with a man that would love and care for me, I didn’t want to be alone. And so God brought a man (my husband) into my life that really was a real blessing. We’ve been married for 24 years now and we’ve had our ups and downs but what really matters it’s how you manage and resolve your differences and enjoy the good times that create lasting memories all this helps you grow as a person and a couple, it can be hard as you said in your post but so worth it ! thanks it was good to reflect and comment xoxox

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. How wonderful to have support from your family! It does take effort and sometimes struggles to follow your dream.

  4. When I was 50, I changed career paths from teaching high school English and history to becoming a psychotherapist. I went back to school for a master’s degree in social work, which opens the door to private practice counseling. I’m not nearly 66, in my 13th year of counseling, and loving every minute. I loved teaching, too, but it was time for a change. For me, it was literally a life-long interest that was finally fulfilled.

    1. Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story!
      My dream was always after studying to be a teacher to do coaching/ counseling. Your story is so encouraging- it’s never too late to start living your dream! Thanks so much for your great example!

  5. Very encouraging… My dreams are very Big and feels like they won’t come through. Sigh. Finances, time, energy, ministry….. Ah boy. Very encouraging.

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