How to deal with uncomfortable situations?

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Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable situation? I think everybody has, but everybody handles those situations differently. I read a very good quote lately: “Sometimes situations can feel so uncomfortable and rife with anxiety that we jump to action just to get the turmoil to go away. Instead, giving yourself that extra day, week, or month to digest the situation before moving forward is all you need to stay in control. So sleep on it. Sometimes, while you’re waigin, things may surface that make your decision that much easier.” (Book: Emotional intelligence 2.0)



18 Replies to “How to deal with uncomfortable situations?”

  1. Well spoken, I’ve always thought that it’s better to think things through and have a period of contemplation before acting. This is an area where everyone can improve regardless of what level they’re at in life.

  2. oh boy … I needed to hear that … sometimes I long for the people’s approval more than I long for God’s go-ahead … I am getting better … maybe that has to do with age 🙂

      1. In South Africa. Cool, I never knew that about you,I thought you were a teacher … remember you once commented on one of my posts on education in South Africa!

  3. Well you know me well and at times I need to think before I just jump into my decision to go ahead. I think we also need balance. At times I enjoy the excitement of spontaneity and at other times I need to sit for a while with the decisions at hand and for me if God has given me peace about either it has been the right action to take. Miss you xooxox

  4. Jumping into action? Panic, fear, feeling responsible for making something (good) happen, no peace, no joy.

    …in short, nothing good came of it. In fact, I had to retrace my steps and undo some of what was done in haste!

    \ 🙂 /

  5. I think your advice is very good, and this is how I try to do things; however, when I do jump the gun, I have discovered that even then God can make something good out of the situation. It is definitely better to wait for His go ahead first – less painful!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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