What is most important in life for you?

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What is most important in life for you?

If you would list your 5 most important values – which one would you write down? One of my values is for example: “Making a difference in people’s lives” and in my life coaching profession I ask myself this question: “How can I make a difference in women’s lives?” Often I feel overwhelmed and I don’t think that I can make a huge difference in people’s lives. But I read once that if I relieve the suffering of one person today I am making a difference. That means, I don’t need to think: “How can I help the whole world” – this is too overwhelming, but I can think: “How can I make a person happy today, how can I help someone in some way today?”

What do people suffer from? Of course there are a lot of people suffering from serious things and they require some professional help from a counsellor. But I am not talking about this here. I am now talking more about some “pain” you are facing each day on a “value level” – you are aware that you need some change in a few areas of your life, but you don’t know where to start or how to do it. Or you are not fulfilled in your life, you are not passionate about your job or you don’t know what your purpose in life is – in general and specific for you and your unique gifts.

These are just a few “pain points” you might have. The question is: how do you get help? From whom? How do you move forward in answering these questions? Have you given up answering these questions already or do you have fear facing them or are you afraid of change? What stops you from facing the important questions in life?

Whatever it might be: Take action today! How? You could ask a friend or family member to help you or you could look for a coach who will help you by asking the right questions to bring out in you the answers you already have inside yourself. The most important thing is: take action today. And remember: just take one action step at a time.

??? What action could you take this week to find answers to your questions???

??? What are your 5 core values??? How do you live them out every single day???


2 Replies to “What is most important in life for you?”

  1. 1. Jesus Christ (spending time with Him and learning to listen to what He says to me through the Holy Spirit in the Bible)
    2. My family of 8 (spending time with them and serving them in my house)
    3. The Gospel (Reminding myself of my dire need for Jesus and trying to find as many people to share the good news with)
    4. My Church (trying to spent time with them and knowing them better, encourage them and be encouraged by them)
    5. Missions – the Church at large (trying to connect to people who are involved with the spread of Gospel in the World and support them and be encouraged by them)

    I know all this may sound cliche, and there are aspects of each that would take too long to share. My life mission is, “To seek to live in the constant presence of God and to point others to it!”

    There is no greater joy, no better feeling then to know that we are fully known by God and completely loved by Him.

    THANK YOU, Tabea for this beautiful post!!!! It made me think and remember 🙂

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