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Same city

Here am I …. Just for a few more hours… Anybody knows which city this is?


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Another hint

Another photo…..


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Where is this?

Do you know which city this is? I am right there at the moment!


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Here comes the solving of the quiz from my last post =)

Do you know the answer now,  looking at this picture below?

I live very very close to it =)

I think it was last year when I went with my bike to find this spot: I wanted to take some pictures. The tricky thing: it started raining like crazy. So I waited under a tree until the rain and the thunderstorm was over – and this is when I took this interesting photo.

When I look at the church and the football stadium, some questions come to mind:

What makes a difference in the world?

Is it:

a) football


b) the church (meaning all christians/ believers)?


What is your purpose in life? Why are you living here on earth?

So many different thoughts going around my head now, but I want to leave you and me for now with this question:

Who is your GOD? 

How do you spend your time?



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Quiz: What is this?

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