Why don’t people pursue their dreams?

What is YOUR fear? Why don’t you pursue your dream?

??? Question for you today:

If you had a million dollars – what would you do? Which dream would you fulfill???

I think money is a big factor why some people don’t pursue their dream. People want security.

My experience:

If my first goal in life would have been security, I wouldn’t have done all the things I did. If my goal was security I would have stayed in my secure job as a teacher.
I wouldn’t have left my secure income, I wouldn’t have left my friends, I wouldn’t have left the place I lived, I wouldn’t have sold my car …….

Instead: I would still teach at a school, I would have my own flat or house, I would have my secure income, I would have my friends around, I would have a nice car: all in all: a secure life.

Instead I chose a different life: little income, living with three other people, small rented room, friends all over the place, 17 year old car (my sister gave me back my car as a present – which I had sold to her a few years ago – I am very thankful for this actually), and and and………..

It’s not the most secure life to be honest, BUT I reached a lot of my dreams and I am very grateful for this.
If I didn’t have the courage to take steps into the unknown I would have never experienced all the beautiful things I experienced and I would have never met such beautiful people and I probably would have never grown that much.

It takes a lot of energy, a lot of effort to reach your dream, but it’t worth it!
Just start with the first step and everything else will follow!

Colour your dream!




6 Replies to “Why don’t people pursue their dreams?”

  1. That is inspirational to read the things you have given up to follow your dream. I hope you keep inspiring others to do the same 😊

  2. Wonderful post! You are a great person to help others achieve their goals because you understand the difficulties AND the rewards.
    I don’t believe living your dream is about loss, just a difference in priorities. I am sure you will help others feel confident to make these changes. Your sister is fantastic gifting back your car – incredibly supportive.

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