Why is goal setting important (Part II)

Another reason for goal setting is:

  • it helps you to focus

Yesterday I took a nice photo of lions. I focused on them – I did not focus on the grass and not on the trees.  I could have focused on so many other things, but I chose to focus on the lions.

I tell you what sometimes my problem is in my daily life: I focus on to many things.  And then I get so overwhelmed or even sidetracked that  I don’t get anything done or very little. But when I focus, then I put all my energy, my time, my effort in one thing and I am much more effective.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday life, because there are so many stimulus in our environment (magazines, TV, Internet, games, work…).

When I lived in Uruguay for a period of time I had an amazing experience: I focused on the most important things. There was not much distraction. For the first three months I had a bed in my small room and a chair – I lived out of my suitcase cause there was no wardrobe. After three months I got a nice wardrobe and a commode (chest of drawers), and a little mirror. When I came home from work there was basically no distraction: I cooked something (with my one fork, one knife, one spoon) and after this I read something or I had a chat with the beautiful elderly lady I lived with or I went to see my neighbour friends to spend time with them.

Now I still have a very small room, but the difference is: I live in Germany and I have a lot of STUFF! I could never imagine how much stuff fits in one small room! Amazing!

Sometimes I remember the times in Uruguay when I had just one bed, one chair and a wardrobe in my room. It felt like there was no “baggage”, it felt so “light”, so refreshing, so “clear”. I don’t know if you can imagine how it felt!? Maybe you had a similar experience?

If you don’t have a specific goal, your effort is not channeled properly.

If you have no goal, you have no focus. Without the focus you end up doing a lot of “nice things” but you don’t reach what you really want.

Why do some people achieve outstanding results? Because they have learned to focus and concentrate their energy, their time, their resources on a single objective – even if it is just a few hours a day/ week/ month.

Question for you:

??? What is your focus???

I would love to hear your story, your experiences.


4 Replies to “Why is goal setting important (Part II)”

  1. I loved hearing about your time in Uruguay. I hope you can tell me more about it one day!
    A thoughtful post, it makes you really think of how unimportant material things are, and how liberating yourself of such “baggage” might allow you the space to really think…

  2. I needed to read this, thanks Tabea ! One day I had too much to do on my day off, the list was endless. As I walked along the shop lined street I came across a hairdresser and I thought “you know what… I’m not going to do any of these things today, I’m going to sit on that hairdresser’s chair and just relax, the chores will always be there and there will be more tomorrow it never ends. So I sat on that chair, got my hair done, chatted to the hairdresser and felt so much better. Thanks Tabea for the reminder. love Amira

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