Why is goal setting important (Part V)

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  • it makes you accountable

Having goals makes you accountable. I am an “expert” in talking about things without taking action =). But if I have a goal I am accountable to myself to take action.

For example my Blog: I set myself a goal how many articles I want to write each week. This goal helps me to really make time for it and prioritize it over many other things. There are always so many other things I could do. But this goal helps me to avoid time wasters.

??? What are your “time wasters”?

??? What is your next goal???

Would be nice if you tell me about your time wasters and your next goal! This makes you accountable =)


2 Replies to “Why is goal setting important (Part V)”

  1. It is so easy for me to waste time looking at photos without actually getting my camera out and walk outside to take photos. the Internet is such a great place to look at things that I sometimes forget to do! It is a great idea of setting myself a goal – day once a week – to make an effort to grab the camera and walk outside 😄😊

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