How could you „declutter“ your life?

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Have you ever tried to declutter your life? I have! Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not.

The time I was working in South America I definitely had NO clutter at all – just the things I needed most, nothing else.

Now living in Germany again – do you think I have no clutter? Not at all……
It’s so easy to have “stuff” all around what you don’t really need. And to be honest – it stresses me out. I feel the need to clean up and get rid of some stuff before I start working on my desk. Too many things around me disturb me in my thinking process.

What is most important to you? What could you eliminate or downsize in your life?
What does “clutter” do in your life? Is it a source of stress or does it hold you back from being more productive? Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Looking forward to hearing from you in which area you could/should declutter?
Tell me how you felt afterwards?
What difference did it make?



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