What’s imortant for 2016

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Every year at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year I write what’s important for me in the coming year. So this year I wrote on the 1. January 2016 what I want to remember in 2016, e.g. my top values, some quotes and overall what’s my life’s purpose and how I want to live out my gifts God has blessed me with. It is very challenging but good to reflect and to ponder about questions like: Why do I do things? What for? For whom? What is the purpose?

I realize that I am very different to some people. I think a lot about how I can live a purposeful life, what “counts” in the end – not superficially here in this life, but in eternity. I believe that life on this earth is so short in comparison to eternity. So I want to make sure that I live a purposeful life and not a life others want me or expect me to live. I am very excited about this coming year 2016!

??? What about you? What are you living for? Who “leads” your life???

Published by colouryourdream

ACC Coach (International Coach Federation (ICF), trained teacher, former youth worker.

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