Strength (Part I)

  • What is a “strength”?

It`s a “capacity for feeling, thinking, and behaving in a way that allows optimal functioning in the pursuit of valued outcomes” (Lopes and Snyder, 2007).

This means, that strengths can include aspects of personality, character, talent, relational tendency, and academic skills.

But strengths are more than just capacities.

Marcus Buckingham (2007) describes strenths as: “those activities that make you feel strong.”

Your strengths show in which areas you are good at but they are even a stronger indication of what gives you energy and to what you will tend to put in extra effort.

Strength= Talent x Knowledge x Investment (Training)


4 Replies to “Strength (Part I)”

  1. I loved this post! It made me reflect on my own situation, especially my situation at work. I have never considered this definition of strength before; I find it very meaningful. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful! I have thought about this before, but never so clearly. You have made the equation simple and easy to understand, and I really do believe this. Thank you.

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