Strength (Part II)

  • Strength (Part II)

When you are working within your strengths you are most likely experiencing “flow”. What is “flow”?

“Csíkszentmihályi describes his theory that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow— a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation. It is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter (Csíkszentmihályi, 1990)(Wikipedia).


The flow state is an optimal state of intrinsic motivation, where the person is fully immersed in what he is doing. This is a feeling everyone has at times, characterized by a feeling of great absorption, engagement, fulfillment, and skill—and during which temporal concerns (time, food, ego-self, etc.) are typically ignored” (Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1990). Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. New York: Harper and Row).

What about yourself? Do you know your strengths?

I myself did a few different personality – strength tests – actually since I was 28 until now.

But – what do you do if you know your strengths? Its not enough just to know what you are good at and just to name your strengths. It’s important that you develop them, that means to develop yourself – to full capacity.

And this takes a lot of time, intenteniol effort, and probably the support of others.

Strength= Talent x Knowledge x Investment (Training)


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