Why is goal setting important (Part IV)

  • Goals can provide motivation and persistance

Do you know how many times Thomas Edison failed before he finally found a way to make the light bulb work? Over a thousand times!

It’s normal that you will struggle and fail many times before you finally reach your goal.

But what gives you the energy of wanting to reach your goal – even when there are many obstacles? It’s the WHY!
The question is: where does your motivation come from? WHY do you want to reach this goal?

Why do some people reach their goal, even when they have to struggle and try many things to get there? Because their WHY is big enough to find a way to reach that goal.

Why do on the other hand some people don’t reach their goal? Because their WHY is not big enough or they lose sight of their WHY.

If you want to achieve something high, struggle and failure often comes along with it. But if your WHY is big enough, you are able to motivate yourself and work continually towards the goal you want to achieve.

??? Ask yourself ???

What is my desire? What is my purpose? WHY do I want to accomplish this?

Last week my goal was to climb a mountain. WHY was this my goal? Because I wanted to take pictures from the top and it was my only chance to take this picture here in Australia before going back to Germany. I really wanted to reach the top of this particular mountain.
Do you think I struggled? Oh yes, I did! But I knew: if I go further and further I will finally reach the top – this prospect kept me going. If I wouldn’t have known, where I am going, what would have expected me, if I wouldn’t have known that there was a top of the mountain, I would have never had the energy, the desire and the persistence to go to the top. My goal really kept me going. I did motivate myself with singing, listening to a song, taking pictures while walking… so I kept walking continuously towards my goal: the top of the mountain.

I struggled a lot, I was sweating, I was weak (cause I got up 5 o’clock in the morning to take pictures of the sunrise at the beach), I had to carry my camera, my thick jacket……. I could have had many excuses NOT to go to the top, but it was my goal, I REALLY wanted to go and I walked slowly but continuosly (with a few little stops in between).

And FINALLY: I reached the top. What a view! You see it in the picture above.
I was so happy that I made it. What a feeling. I reached my goal! Nobody can take this away from you. This is awesome, when you push yourself to the limit, when you persist, when you motivate yourself by thinking WHY you are doing this and: finally you reach what you wanted: the top!


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