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How do you know that you need a break? Have a look at this foto: What comes to your mind?

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When I was studying many years ago and working as a teacher, I felt the stress very often – I would even say almost constantly. There was a lot of pressure to get things done and to be always prepared. When I look back, I think: How in the world did I manage all this workload? Yes, it’s true: when you don’t pay attention to your body and the stress “signs” and when you don’t recharge the “battery” early enough, than it will cause damage in some way.

“The human mind and body tell you through emotional and physiological reactions when it’s time to slow down and take a break. Watch for your unique reactions to stress such as fatigue, upset stomach, pounding headaches, canker sores, or your back going out. Take the time to recognize these signals and recharge your emotional battery before your stress causes damage to your system.”

Right now I am taking an online university course in nutrition and disease prevention and it is very interesting to see, that what you eat and put into your body has a great effect on your health. I think many people are sick, because of many reasons: stress, overworking, poor nutrition and many other factors.

The best thing is to have a balanced life! But it is not that easy to realize. Right now I have the privilege to practise a balanced lifestyle: enough sleep, exercise, walking, healthy cooking, spending time with friends (in real life or on skype), exercising my mind (online studies)… This is great!

The last 6,5 years I worked as a flight attendant and I realize now even more how stressful this was in general. There was no routine – every month, every week, every day looked different. Yes, it was very exciting at times, but after a while my body was really tired.

Even I as an extrovert became more introverted in my free time, because in my work environment I was constantly surrounded by hundreds of people. Also on each flight: different colleagues, different bosses, different passengers, different destination. After a while this was quite tiring.

I am very thankful that I can live a more steady life at the moment, which is probably more healthy than my lifestyle before

??? When do you know that it is time to take a break? How and when do you feel stressed?

??? How do you take “time out”? How do you live a healthy lifestyle???

Looking forward to hearing from you!


(Quote from the book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Strategy #15)



10 Replies to “Take a break”

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! If you need to recharge your battery think of something you really love to do. Write things on a list-all that comes to mind. And when you feel drained: pick up the list and do one thing from this list what gives you energy!
      Also you can write a list of things which drains you- try to avoid these things or try not to do too many draining things in one day!
      This is just a short advice….. If you are interested in more: I give coaching to people on Skype.

  1. Nice post Tabea – it is so easy to just keep going and hard to just stop. It is only once you stop that you see how difficult it all was!! So nice for you to have that healthy balanced time right now x

  2. Hi Tabea,

    Thanks for the post!! It reminds me to take it easy and breath.
    To enjoy God’s beauty. I take for granted that I live 7 blocks from the ocean and never take the time to enjoy the view. I will take a walk this evening! I love reading your posts! Love, Monica

    1. Hi Monica! Great to hear from you! Thanks for your beautiful comment! Great, that you have the ocean so close – yes, it’s great to take time and enjoy Gods beautiful creation. We often worry about things instead of taking time to relax, see the beauty and thank God for his love!

  3. My body tells me to slow down when I get a cold sore or my eyes are watery from too much computer time or my nose gets blocked and I can’t breath through them during the night – how annoying. Thanks Tabea for this interesting post – balance is the key ! I like the idea you wrote to soniaupadhyaya above to recharge our batteries. Keep up the great work you do xx

  4. We’re taking a break! I know it’s time when I don’t want to go to work any more. I usually love my work. Time for a break. Road trip, coming up ๐Ÿ™‚

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