Emotion versus Reason

Sometimes I am quite emotional and for me it is good to talk with people, who are not so emotional. But sometimes I find it irritating, when people don’t show emotions. It is good to have a healthy balance. I learn in some situations, not be be too emotional. I find this following quote helpful – both go together (emotions and reasons).  It’s not only emotion OR reason – both are important to pay attention to.

“For that next sticky situation that gives you grief, create an Emotion vs. Reason list. Grab a sheet of paper and give yourself a few quiet moments to list on the left what your emotions are telling you to do, and list on the right what your reason is telling you to do. Now consider where your emotions are clouding your judgment and where your reason ignores important emotional cues.”

(Quote: Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Strategy #17)


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??? What is your experience with your emotions? Are you more the emotional type or more the reasoning            type???


3 Replies to “Emotion versus Reason”

  1. I am the more the deep thinking reasoning type. It’s not that I’m not emotional; it’s simply that I believe that being driven predominantly by emotions is like a ship sailing without a rudder, sailing aimlessly through unchartered waters. I think that emotions are extremely important when balanced with reason.

  2. When you let your feelings go… there a break through time and space happens… you are letting you inner child “be” without having to keep him a secret for fear of who might judge you! Ruling the world this way, there woudn’t be wars nor pain nor famine…

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