Are you interested in others?



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Do you know people well? Are you open with your friends, aquaintances and family?

Do you understand them? Do you know why they do the things they do? Are you interested in them? How do you show that you are interested in them? How do you find out if you understand them?

I think many people don’t take the time to really understand a person. Instead they make up their mind why a person is the way she/ he is or why a person reacts a certain way. Many people are only interested in themselves and can’t bother to get to know other people very well.

I love it, when people ask me questions, because it shows that they are interested in me, want to know something about me or want to know my opinion about a topic. I also love to ask questions and find out more about people – I find it fascinating to get to know people on a deeper level. A great way is to ask questions.

When people know you well, there’s less room for them to misinterpret you. Make the time to be more open with friends, coworkers, or family about why you do the things you do. Also the more you show interest in them, the better shot you have at understanding them well, too. Be curious about who they are and why they do the things they do.“

It is good to ask questions – not only to people we don’t know (well), but also to people we know very well (or we think we know well). You will be surprised what you find out about a person when you ask them different questions. Sometimes we think that we know a person very well, but when we start asking questions we realize that we don’t.

??? What questions do you like asking??? What do you like about asking questions? Why don’t you ask questions? What holds you back from asking questions? What do you like about when others ask you questions???

(Quote: Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Strategy # 50)


6 Replies to “Are you interested in others?”

  1. Every person has a story. If we take time and listen, we can find ourselves privileged to peek behind the curtain of those stories. Thanks for sharing! What prompted you to write this?

    1. 😄Thanks Heidi for asking a question!
      Actually I came across the quote and then I thought about what to write in the post. But I discovered that some people ask more questions than others and I love when people ask because this really makes a conversation interesting and also not superficial (well, depending the questions…) Thanks Heidi for your comment

  2. Being a therapist has taught me a lot about how to get to know a person. Sometimes, even though people come to me specifically to talk about their problems, it’s tough to get things moving. Sometimes, I just have to poke around until I hit the sore spot. I don’t want to hit the sore spot in social interactions, of course, but learning to ask questions that get more than a yes or no answer is a wonderful skill.

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