Our emotions



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When we negate, deny, or disown our emotions we might find ourselves blowing up or ‘going off’ on others with little or no provocation. We can only repress our feelings for so long. Eventually, they will demand to be heard. When we pay attention to our emotions and not judge them as irrational and therefore unacceptable, we can begin to receive the gift of insight that our feelings offer.“

??? Do you have any expriences with this – with yourself or others???

(Quote from: Jeanine Austin)


4 Replies to “Our emotions”

  1. Since our feelings can change from day to day, or even moment to moment, it can be dangeroujs to trust them completely for insight. It is better to ask yourself, “What is the truth here? Are my feelings refelcting the truth, or just the angst of the moment? If I proceed on my feelings/truth, what are the possibilities of success or failure? Should I wait until my feelings come more into line with what I KNOW to be truth before I make any important decisions?”

    And with that, I now remove my counselor hat and put on my go-clean-the-kitchen hat 🙂

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