One life to live

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Last week I finished reading an e-book about people at the end of their lives: what they wanted to say before they die and what was important for them – also some things what they maybe never expressed to other people before.

Honestly – it was one of the most depressing book I have ever read. Almost all people in the book, who wrote their last words down didn’t believe in God and they did not believe that there will be a life after death.They thought, when they die, that’s it!

The book was „easy“ to read, but because it was so sad what I read, I could only read a few pages each day. It made me so sad!

Some people said, what they regret and what they would have done differently and some people where ok with the lives they lived and didn’t expect anything after death.

I think a lot about my life and about the purpose of life. When I was about 28 years, I wrote down in some sentences, what I would like that people say about me when I am not here on earth anymore. Or better: what would I like that people say about me on my 60th birthday.

When you write down these sentences it really shows: what is the most important for you here on earth? What do you want to be known for? What is your purpose in life?

A few years ago I read this sentence, what I wrote down when I was 28, every day – I did this for a few years. I want to start it again in 2014: because it puts right in front of your eyes: what is important for me today? What is the bigger picture here? What is important in my life? Then I don’t get caught up so much in the daily „sorrows“ and „problems“ or superficial things, but have the bigger picture in mind.

Yesterday I went to a contemporary gospel concert in Vienna and they where singing

songs that reminded me so much of my childhood and teenage years and the songs really touched my heart.

They where singing for example one song that I always loved so much: it is from Andrae Crouch: My tribute (To God be the glory).

This is also my desire: to honor God in all I do! To God be the glory!


The song expresses what I feel and what my desire is:

This song brings tears to my eyes, because I think of what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross and that he died for me in order that I might live!

I am very thankful that my parents lived a life that showed me for who it is worth living for: God – the Lord of my life!

I have one life to live and I think constantly: how can I live my life best for the glory of God! What is my calling?

What is your desire for your life? Do you know what your calling is?


9 Replies to “One life to live”

  1. This is so speaking what I have been thinking about this year. One word I chose for myself in January was “surrender” … it’s something I have to remind myself of often … I LOVE what you said at the end of your post…I agree with you 100% … During this last year, I have so often lifted my empty hands to the Lord and asked Him to fill them with the things He wanted for me… He did fill them, with compassion, means, and a new heart to serve those whom He placed on my path … I suppose He opened my heart and eyes~ Much love to you and bless you for this edifying post!

  2. Beautiful post indeed. I pray that I may use the gifts that God has blessed me with to reflect, albeit rather dimly God’s grace. A state of continual repentance, thanksgiving , forgiveness and obedience crowned with unconditional love are essential. To unlock these treasures one must surrender themselves completely to God that one may truly be free.

  3. Excellent post! It touched my heart. It’s important Christians know where they are going in their lives, not only in the afterlife, but what does The Lord want me to do for Him right now?

    I also love “My Tribute”. I recently found out Andrae Crouch was the author of that beautiful song.

    Amen…to God be the glory!

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful response!
      Good question: what are you supposed to be right now? That’s a coaching topic 😉. This year is a year for me to find that out: what is MY calling! Look at your strength and ask family&friends what you do well. And pray God to show you.
      All the best!

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